The Birth of a Lipstik

The Democracy of Makeup
Introducing the first one-handed Lipstik that fits anywhere you want to STIK IT!
STIKS® was born from the desire to have a lipstick fit into a back pocket, a flat wallet, a tiny clutch. It’s just that simple. So while redesigning the future of lipstick, we attached the cap in a flip-top so that you never need two hands to apply your lipstick. Finally, women of all ages, colors, styles and types can text and apply at the same time. IT’S ABOUT TIME!
STIKS Lipstik comes in 6 super luxurious, moisturing and long-lasting shades including:
Red – Deeply rich color that will bring out the rock star in you.
Burgundy - Velvety color that will make your lips feel like royalty.
Mauve - Just the perfect mix of purple and aubergine to suit any skin tone and give you that pop of color you've always wanted.
Nude - The best Nude Lipstik ever.  The end.
Cinnamon - Warm, slightly shimmering earth tone that will make the Autumn leaves jealous.
Tangerine - Light, creamy burst of orangey-citrus color that will brighten your day.
When you want to take more than one Lipstik with you to go from day to night, you can load up to three STIKS® into our slick carrying case called the STIK KIT! And for your convenience, we put a mirror on the front so you can touch up your Lipstik anywhere, any time.