Beauty Files | Nude

BEAUTY FILES: Starring Stiks Lipstik in NUDE.

Let's face it, it's the new RED.  It goes with just about anything you can think of, and ours has a slightly tan/peach tone to it which makes it work on a lot of different skin tones.  The trick with Nude, is to know how to wear it and with what.

As with all neutral lip tones, they give your eyes a chance to shine, so pay attention to your eyes.  Then let your lips be 21st century sexy.

Your muted Nude lip shines against the rich tones of deep caramel, mushroom, ochres and of course, black.  Here are some examples of contemporary looks paired with a lighter lip.  Note how the neutrality brings out a youthful and fresh look without skimping on drama.

We also love a Nude lip with feminine fabrics, blush tones and an almost invisible pastel palette.  It makes your face glow without overpowering the total look with a bright lip.

The real beauty of the neutral lip is in how it highlights more modern silhouettes: deconstruction, draping, minimalism texture, asymmetry, and more contemporary use of fabric and form.

Our mood boards might also give you some fresh ideas for your existing wardrobe, so hit up that closet to see how your Stiks Nude Lipstik can refresh all the treasures hiding in there.  Of course there is always the alternative known as retail therapy, but you didn't hear it from us!  Have fun rediscovering you.  xo