It all began... a dirty bathroom.

Well actually, it started with girl’s night out at a club.  Sitting at the bar mid-sentence when “oh shit, that’s my song!” With my bag on one arm, I hit the dance floor showing everyone my awkward one-arm dance moves.

You know how it is, when you bring your bag to the club, it’s like babysitting your drunk best friend. 

My song ends, crowd goes wild, time to hit the bathroom. 

Squatting in the stall, no hooks so I'm hugging my bag and sweating.  Perfect time to re-apply lipstick, right?  Well, wrong.  I pull out my lipstick, take the cap off,  it was like it was in slow motion, the cap hit the ground and rolled across the disgusting, dirty floor.  Nooooooo….

So now I’m bending down trying to see where the damn thing went when I notice it rolled all the way under and next to the girl’s shoe in the next stall. Ugh. 

“Hi, sorry to ask but would you mind handing me the cap to my lipstick?" “Sure, no problem as long as you can pass me some toilet paper?”  So we traded. Then I’m at the sink and start washing my hands and the lipstick cap (ew). The girl comes out and I say, “thanks again.” She says, “no worries I hate when that happens." I didn’t even know this girl but we had an understanding of how frustrating it is when that happens; the cap and the TP.

Then it hit me: Why don’t they make lipstick with an attached cap? Why isn’t it slim enough to fit in my pocket like a phone and credit card? 

I made a decision right then and there…I was gonna do what any woman would do in my position.  I was gonna Google that shit!

And we are talking rabbit hole here people! The next day, on a cocktail napkin I found in my pocket, I began to draw what I thought would be the perfect lipstick. From that dirty bathroom, to napkin, to reality. 

I found my purpose creating pocket friendly, multi-dimensional makeup with a cap that will never fall off.

Laura xo